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Selenite Orgone Pyramid for Clarity, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Connection

Selenite Orgone Pyramid for Clarity, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Connection

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  • Orgonite is the other name for a form of energy known as Chi, Ether, Prana, or Life Force. An orgonite pyramid on the other hand is a resin composite that has metals and crystals layered in a pattern. The Orgonite Pyramid is one of the most renowned items for its ability to convert negative energy to positive energy helping balance the spiritual, physical body, and emotions as well.
  • The Throat Chakra helps us to speak our truth and stay rooted in authenticity. It reminds us of the power of using our voices, of communicating our needs with clarity and empowering ourselves in the world. Third Eye Chakra aligns us to our higher purpose and helps us to see deeper, both externally and internally.
  • how to use orgonite pyramid? Start by holding the pyramid in your hand and meditate with it. All your attention should be directed towards the pyramid and all the energy coming from it. The aim here is to try your best and not see the pyramid but feel it. Ask for love, healing, and light for you and the life surrounding you. The Orgonite pyramid appreciates being recognized and acknowledged and it emanates more love towards you.
  • Prior to casting, the crystals and stones were charged with positive intentions. They've also been smudged with white sage to clear energy. Smudging is a Native American ritual that is performed to eliminate negative energies. Clear & Charge the Crystal pyramids once a month or as intuition calls, in direct sunlight for 10-30 minutes. The use of tuning forks, sound bells, or classical music also works.
  • You can keep the Orgonite pyramid in your office and carry it with you all day. The orgonite's benefits are disseminated across its immediate region. In this approach, you may make your workplace more friendly and enjoyable. It also makes a wonderful gift for an anniversary, mother's day, father's day, birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

How to use

  • Wearing orgone crystal jewelry as a pendant or bracelet to keep the energy close to the body.
  • Placing an orgone pyramid in a room to help balance the energy and promote a sense of well-being.
  • Holding healing crystals during meditation or carrying them in a pocket to help focus the mind and promote relaxation.
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Absolutely gorgeous

All my friends absolutely love everything about this gift